We have completed our goal to raise $30,000 to provide a space to educate our students throughout the coldest months of the year. The building contains our the farm store, a loft along the east wall, and lots of open space with several nooks and crannies for students to engage in small group activities.

This building is an example of many permaculture principles such as using and valuing renewable resources and services, catching and storing energy, and creatively using and responding to change. The building materials include local clay, sand and straw, as well as timber harvested from the farm. The south and east facing windows capture sunlight in the cooler months, the straw bale walls on the west and north provide insulation, and the living roof captures rainwater and adds to the beauty and longevity of the building. The building is a simple pole barn structure but is designed with the flexibility to grow and change with the needs of the school. We have also added a welcoming covered porch on the north end, a greenhouse on the south, and plan for extra classroom spaces to the east.

We are working with natural builder Chris McClellan, whose earlier projects, cob pizza oven and outdoor kitchen, straw-clay cottage, and pavilion fireplace have become focal points at Kelly’s Working Well Farm.

The Tree Barn

Day 2: Installing the posts

Day 1: Measuring and marking out the space

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