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1. Learn about the school

  • Review the information on this web-site about democratic/Sudbury school and the School at Kelly's Working Well Farm
  • Research self directed learning, there are plenty of resources identified on this web-site
  • Attend an informational session or open house

2. Come for a visit

  • Schedule a tour and meeting with the school
  • Prospective students may attend a school preview or camp
  • New students/families can have a trial week before they are ready to commit to enrollment for the rest of the year

3. Enroll

  • Fill out an enrollment application & school waiver form
  • Schedule a registration meeting
  • Make an initial deposit and arrangements for payment of the remainder of the tuition costs

4. Start coming to school!


The School at Kelly's Working Well Farm does not use test scores or grades from previous schools as criteria for admission. We admit students if they, their parents and the school believe that the student will thrive here. Enrollment may happen throughout the year beginning with an optional trial period. If at the end of the trial both the family and the school are satisfied that there is a good fit, the student will be enrolled for the year.

The School at Kelly's Working Well Farm welcomes children without regard to race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, economic background, gender, and sexual orientation and families without regard to composition. The school also accepts students with or without special needs or giftedness, however the school is not a therapy school.

School Admissions