Come to our mushroom inoculation workshop this Friday from 10:00 to 11:30 am!

Our own Matt Baber will present:
A brief primer on the mushroom inoculation including...
-basic mushroom anatomy
-the lifecycle of a mushroom, and understanding it for cultivation
-various methods of inoculation

Quick outline of the day's project
-introduction to various types of mushroom species we'll be working with
-different process will be implementing
-understanding for the need for sanitation

Actual Inoculation Process
-construction of wine cap beds
-installing and packing hericium logs
-packing and waxing shiitake logs

The benefits of growing your own mushrooms, with Mushroom Pizza Snack. Also, filling out a contact list, to share the bounty of our work when it fruits in the spring!

All ages welcome, adults $25, kids 12 and under $8

Animal butchering and preservation

A "hands-in" workshop 
Presented by Ben Shapiro

In this hands-on workshop our friend Ben Shapiro will guide us in using traditional methods to butcher 2 goats from the farm. We will learn how to honor the lives of the goats by making good use of as much of the carcasses as possible. He will also show how to prepare the hides for tanning. Suggested donation: $25 - $50. RSVP on the Kelly's Working Well Farm Facebook page. 
Suggested donation of $25-$50.

Natural Building Workshop!

Come on over and learn about building with straw and clay! ​

There will be pizza served at 5:00pm so please RSVP to to let us know if you are coming!

       Friday, September 23 ~


Lasagna Gardening for next years

Veggi Garden and/or Tree Planting

Help Zoe put the vegetable garden to

bed for the winter. She will show you how to invite

beneficial microbes and fungi to your soil to create

a healthy ecosystem underneath the surface.

Healthy soil is the key to growing healthy food!

We will discuss the benefits of non-chemical soil 

additives, how to plan for a food forest and will discuss 

spring tree planting.

In addition, we will be getting our hands and possibly

cloths dirty so come in your best gardening attire

and bring gloves. It is also recommended to bring a shovel or pitchfork if you have them available. Cost: $25

Friday, September 30 ~ 10:00-11:30 AM

             Make Your Own Yogurt, Kefir and Cheese with Kelly and Matt                    

Cultured dairy products can help to repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria, plus making your own yogurt and cheese is fun and a great way to preserve extra milk. Kelly will demonstrate a variety of techniques for making your own healthy yogurt, kefir, and soft cheese.

Friday, October 8 ~ 10:00-11:30 AM

What to do with all those apples!

We'll go through a variety of ways to preserve the fall's bounty of apples from canned applesauce, and apple pie filling to dried apples, fermented apples and cider - hard and soft. 

Make Your Own Natural Toiletries

​​Learn how to make your own lip-balm, salves for a variety of uses, tooth powder or paste and essential oil tooth brushing blend, even deodorant using simple, inexpensive and natural ingredients.  Cost: $25  

Donations help us fund on-going

building, agriculture, permaculture,

and other projects. We are a 501(c)3

Non-Profit - donations are tax deductible.

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