Donations help us fund on-going

building, agriculture, permaculture,

‚Äčand other projects. We are a 501(c)3

Non-Profit - donations are tax free.

Campers have the opportunity to get to know and care for the animals, learn about gardening,  participate in cooking projects with seasonal, farm fresh food, create farm crafts with farm related materials and be introduced to the concepts & practices of permaculture.

There will be plenty of time for free play and campers will be given free choice of participation in camp activities. Activities include, but are not limited to, cheese making, lip-balm making, needle felting, gardening, mushroom cultivation, caring for goats and sheep, knitting, friendship bracelet making, painting, building with clay and straw, butter making, soccer, tag and many more!

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Go to Preschool Camps or Day Camps for more information including the dates, prices, and payment for the preschool and regular day camps.

Day Camp Tuition

A $25 discount will be given for every additional week that your child enrolls in camp after the second week. Sibling discount is $35.

1 st Week - $235

2nd Week- $200

3rd Week- $175

4th Week- $150

5th Week- $125

6th Week- $100

Summer Camp at Kelly's Working Well Farm

Preschool Camp ages 3-5

Day Camp ages 5-14